African Impressionist Artist: Deo Lutwama.

Born in Uganda, East Africa, I came to appreciate the beauty of nature and Art as being part of me using it to explore and educate it's function by being creative. With the ever fading true nature and traditions of our cultures, I strive to capture it on canvas, paper, and dark cloth among other medias.  I have been inspired mostly with various aspects of life like wild life, plants, human beings and other aspects which  surround us for creativity. Most of my work consisting of African Paintings and Art is painted using oil paint, acrylic,  pastel on different medias.

I am a graduate of Kean University in Union, NJ with a BFA in Interior Design-CIIDA/FIDER accredited programs. I have worked for non-profit organizations for people with developmental disabilities, which have helped me connect my life as an artist to a deep craving in making a difference in the lives of people. I come from a family of artists with my Dad being a civil engineer and an architect and older brother and sister practitioner Artists.

Like my grand mother used to say, “Healing comes through story telling and art with the use of color is story telling in its self”.